We have a strong and interdisciplinary team of engineers, architects and technicians who can meet our clients’ needs effectively.


Our architecture team is dedicated to meeting the unique demands of each project by considering both the aesthetic and functional aspects, while ensuring compliance with all requirements for constructability including costs, quality, and deadlines.

Preliminary sketches

Basic engineering

Preliminary projects

Bidding projects

Executive projects

Cost estimation


Our team consists of professionals with diverse expertise, which enables us to handle various kinds of projects across different fields. We have experts specialized in:
Civil and structural engineering, Electrical engineering, Automation and Information Technology, Mechanical engineering and HVAC, Industrial engineering, Process engineering.

Preliminary layouts

Basic engineering

Preliminary projects

Bidding projects

Executive projects

Cost estimation

Software development


We have significant experience in site management and supervision, which allows us to lead highly complex projects. Planning and definition of control procedures enables us to guarantee compliance with the main objectives:safety, quality, deadlines, and construction costs.

Quality control

Security control

Technical supervision

Coordination of documentation

Cost control

Scheduling control

Change control and additional variables


This service makes it possible to improve results in terms of quality, deadlines and costs, since it allows the independent hiring of different suppliers for a project. Our management expertise comprises not only construction execution, but also the comprehensive review and coordination of projects.

Review of third-party projects

Value Engineering

Constructibility analysis



Hiring and procurement strategy

Preparation of tender documents

Calls for tenders

Analysis of offers

Execution of basic budgets and cost estimation

Requirement, review and delivery to the client of plans in accordance with construction and manuals

Organization of equipment and facilities maintenance.

Consulting and Audit

We offer our clients the possibility to build value and to manage and minimize risk, thus improving their results. Consulting and Audit Services

Feasibility studies

Market analysis

Economic viability

Value and risk analysis of technical-operational viability

Selection of locations and land

Audits of projects and works in progress by third parties

Audit of completed construction